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Domino Clocks began when I came across the idea for a domino clock and decided I would build one for myself. Being an Aggie, a 42 player, and having a liking for barnwood décor, I thought this would make a great combination and attraction for the living room. I gathered up some weathered wood, a set of dominos and built my first domino clock. Once I had finished, I decided it needed something. I found an aTm brand at the bookstore and my girlfriend Brittanie bought it for me because she knew I had to have it. I branded the clock face between 12 o'clock and the center of the hands. This was the finishing touch that made all the difference in the world. Everyone who saw my clock
loved it, especially Aggies.


I was encouraged to make a few and try to sell them; needless to say I was overwhelmed by the public's interest in my products. I have since added a couple different branding irons and new products, coffee tables, domino tables, candle holders, benches, barnwood picture frames, shelves etc. I make one for myself, friends and family like it and want one, I felt encouraged by the positive feedback and decide to produce them for sale! I hope you will feel the same way and will choose to add my craftsmanship to your home or office.

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